Pure Shea Butter Good For The Body And Hair


250ml Pure Coconut Oil


It helps you  to lose weight, promotes heart health,hair growth, cure acne and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. However, most coconut oils on the market are processed, bleached, deoderized, and also have all their nutrients removed during their processing. This forces removal of vitamins and minerals from your body to help digest the stripped hydrogenated oils. 

It is important to purchase a coconut oil brand that is pure and natural, organic, unrefined and highly stable and our coconut oil offers that.

Ingredients: Pure coconut oil and vitamin E.

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  • "I order the 4 0z Shea Butter and i am happy with the results that i am getting. I find the product is very cheap and inexpensive. After my 4 oz Shea Butter is finished i will ..."
    Martin, China
    Happy With My Solid Shea Butter Cream
  • "I bought my Shea Butter. I used it on myself and my two boys. One of my son's suffered from eczema and after , i apply the Shea Butter on his eczema in the first week , i sa..."
    Sam New York
    I Like My Shea Butter

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